MICRO-ARTICOLI IN FIBRA #6 | Miss the target

November 21st, 2020

There is a short story by Henry James, The Beast in the Jungle, which tells of the missing life. Two people deeply in love see each other for years without confessing their feelings. When they finally realize it, it is too late.

How many of us lack life or miss the mark because we fail to communicate. How many of us lack life or plunge into ventures with a stubborn silence that does not say, that has no confrontation, that does not understand.

The idea that the market is (like) a battlefield, an incessant struggle between shining armour and sleepy prey, between nobility and rags, between gleaming shop windows and distracted passers-by, is a concept that no longer works.

The design scheme of web marketing has increased the distance between storefronts and anonymous shoppers. Common Strangers. But the more this gap enlarges, this hiatus expands, this chasm widens, the more everything I create is transformed into a commercial product, an object among objects, a thing among things. And I realise that this was not my aim.

We must share a language. The absence of a common culture is the dark chasm into which the naked body falls when it tries to grasp on the opposite shore an object that it does not understand.

How many of us today buy objects whose language we do not understand. Buying without a common language is simply filling a house with another object.

Buying just to buy.

Filling the shopping cart of an e-commerce and deceiving oneself with dopamine. It is not about producing an object and buying a product; it is about exchanging a piece of the world.

Our world is neither a stockpile to draw from nor a container to fill.

The world is our land.

This is called cultivating the land.

MICRO-ARTICOLI IN FIBRA | pillole in fibra di logos | #6  –  Manuela Gandini