MANUGANDA Digital Passport

Jewellery designer with a background in computer science, Manuela Gandini is now pioneering digital innovation through the use of a Digital Passport. Her lifelong interest in the digital world has enabled the designer to merge technology and craftmanship: digital innovation and jewellery come full circle. To certificate the brand’s journey through its unique creation process, from 2021 every MANUGANDA piece of jewellery from the Permanent Collection and Bespoke unique piece will come with a Digital Passport.

What is a Digital Passport?

It’s the “digital twin” of your piece of jewellery.

Through the use of a blockchain-based technology, the Digital Passport will allow you to follow each individual product´s journey in its entirety: a true immersion into the MANUGANDA universe. The Digital Passport enhances the hybridisation between innovation and jewellery providing:

  • TRACEABILITY & ACCESS TO THE DESIGN PROCESS: facing the product history information and its entire lifecycle. Inspiration, design method, choice of materials and production.

  • TRANSPARENCY: the enhanced transparency towards the made-to-order and made-to-measure process aiming to build client trust.

  • AUTHENTICITY: the certified authenticity guarantees the quality and provenance of each piece.

  • LONGEVITY: by preserving the past, embracing the present and looking to the future, the digital passport allows the jewellery narrative to be transmitted from generation to generation.
  • The “Digital Passport” also works as your personal “Manuganda Jewellery Wallet”.  The Wallet is a digital overview of the Manuganda jewellery pieces you own, allowing you to add in recent purchases, pass on the ownership as a gift or sold item.

    How to claim and access to the Digital Passport?

    Purchasing a jewel from the MANUGANDA permanent collection or a bespoke unique piece means that the Digital Passport will be automatically assigned to you via the email or phone number provided in the process. The Product Digital Passport can be accessed through the following two ways:

  • Log in and request the Digital Passport for your MANUGANDA jewel directly here.

  • Take the card inside your packaging containing the encoded NFC chip and place your smartphone over to authenticate and directly enter its Digital Passport. Keep your card in a safe place to use it anytime you wish.