PROMISE collection
Two geometric sections that converge into a single structure. The math functions drive the project in such a way that two sections converge becoming isomorphic, giving the idea of a joining diversity. PROMISE expresses the complex systematic nature of a relationship in the symbol itself. Rings that speak of relationships with a personal interpretation of promise. They celebrate the promise behind an engagement or a marriage, a family bond, a friendship. A promise to oneself.Promises know no boundaries of age or gender.
Contemporary expression of the jewel chain.
27 loops, 27 ensembles interpenetrated in a chained existence which is not constrained by time. One belongs to the other as in a set theory metaphor of the human connections.

TWIST was born from the study of multifunctional open shapes that harmonise with the body. It is made in 2 versions – TWIST B with a single twist and TWIST A with double twist – and is a ‘multifunctional’ jewel because it can be worn as a ring and as an ear-cuff.

The TWIST titanium collection is displayed in the Future Room of the Jewellery Museum until 2030.

The collection is completed with the ‘mini’ version. MINI TWIST, made in 2 versions – with single and double twist – can be worn as a ring and as an ear-cuff.


Semiprecious stones expertly carved and inserted into metal rails which form the ring. Mechanics and poetry, geometry and elegance of large dimensions.

In BINARIO the traditional setting is overcome by the design of a track structure in which the stone is inserted,  even if replaced. It is also made entirely of metal: the “stone” is melted in bronze or silver or gold for a further version of this statement ring.

Since 2013 BINARIO has been traveling the world with the Triennale Design Museum’s “THE NEW ITALIAN DESIGN” exhibition.

MANUGANDA BINARIO anello metallo
ECLISSI collection - rings & ear-cuff

ECLISSI ear-cuff refers to the partial or total occultation of a star due to the interposition of a body between the observer and the star. A reference to the moonlight, the mystery that emanates its fascination. An ear-cuff essential and suitable for every situation. It is also wearable as ring.

STRUTTURE ANARCHICHE collection - rings and earrings
Single earrings are offered by a variety of 8 choices to be paired to fit your taste. With a reference to Brutalist solid essentiality, STRUTTURE ANARCHICHE is liberal form projecting itself towards a sculptural monumentality. The architecture of volumes flow towards different directions. Designed movement in a space that accepts no restrictions.
TRE collection - rings
Three rings, three different finishes: mat, polished, hammered. TRE are modular rings, as free as a thought can be, as eclectic as the walls that surround the dream. A single ring in bronze brightens the triad.
MANUGANDA CASA ring earrings
Symbolic reinterpretation of the classic ring with pearl. CASA is the home built around the imperfect but full and pure sphericity of the pearl. The metal imitates the winding of water, pervaded by the only intuition that revives its existence. The jewel becomes the altar of the pearl, the pioneer outline of a tacit revelation.

TUBE & HALF TUBE collection - rings & pendants

A simple yet complex shape that materializes in a play of solids and voids.

TUBE is an interchangeable and versatile piece of jewellery, intimately and complexly symbolic. Designed for all, without barriers of gender or age.


In LINEA CONTINUA the matter becomes yielding to the warmth of human thought by which it allows itself to be deformed, arched, and flexed into a unique long curve. Shapes that generate other shapes. Fluidity embraces the severity of solid geometry.

Curve and line, nature and artifice: flexibility and rigidity balance on the freedom of a curve.

FORESTA DI BAMBÙ is an unusual inspiration from nature. Its structure repeats cyclically like a pattern around the wrist. A combination of strength and flexibility: like this jewel, bamboo has a life of its own.

An unusual idea for this double ring, designed in three different models to be worn on the index and middle finger, ring finger and little finger, ring finger and middle finger. An ergonomic, comfortable and unobtrusive ring.

A thumb ring to match the other three rings of the DOUBLE collection. This ring is however prefect for all fingers of the hand. It is for her and for him, for everyone.

A gender-fluid stackable and multi-functional jewel with deep symbolic meanings to represent love, friendship and much more. Designed for all, without barriers of gender or age.

These rings speak of love involving a strong intimacy of the message and a delicate symbolism. Bold pieces that become the means of expression of a thought protecting the intimacy of its meaning without ostentation and trivialization.

SENZA FINE is an italian song from 60’s. It speaks of romantic love that lives in an infinite moment, an eternal oath, a silent promise, hold each others hands, sitting close on a bench looking at the horizon.

24 MILA BACI is an italian song from 60’s. It speaks of playful love made of frantic kisses, time running fast, dancing rock together, the joyful lightness that love gives you, the seconds counted between a kiss and the other.

CUORE MATTO is an italian song from 60’s. It speaks of the wounded love that drives the heart crazy, the intrepid love that doesn’t make you sleep, a broken heart that suffers, a broken heart that can forgive, a broken heart that will love again.

The Morse code alphabet is rather simple, each of the letters A to Z have their own unique “dot-dash” code (see all the alphabet at the link below). You can choose up to 2 alphabet letters that will be converted in MORSE CODE and engraved on the ring to make your special private message.
Technical industrial inspired ring, with a vaguely constructivist shape. By a simple “bolt” comes the idea of these innovative asymmetrical shapes. BULLONI earrings can be purchased individually or can be paired by choosing from six different combinations.

CECILIA is a ring with a large fresh water pearl that evokes the South Seas. A jewel with sculptural appearance, that lends itself to “furnish” almost the hand.