MICRO-ARTICOLI IN FIBRA #8 | Strutture Anarchiche

may 16th, 2021

If we observe in a ingenuous and naive way, and not as happens to the human being who directs his gaze in the direction defined by his drawings, a human being as ‘practical’, and instead we observe without being constrained by anything, we penetrate then a world that appears to us spatially, not limited by the horizon of the field of vision.

Anarchy tends toward the pure space of which nothing can be said. This pure space is the pre-supposition of all geometric considerations, but it is not a certain thing, an object, it has no form, and no color or sensible qualities, but it is the indifferent medium in which everything exists. Pure space in itself radiates to infinite points, it has no rules because the rules belong to figures, geometric relations and matter. The rule represents the exactness of the axiom, which relates to the figure and the matter that fills the figure, but it is not a pure space.

The elements of STRUTTURE ANARCHICHE head into this space, beyond any sort of mathematical limits of geometric relations, a void where no further figures are possible.

Since a very remote time, geometry has been the ideal model of exactness. It has managed to systematize all the possible spatial form ‘a priori’ (before any experience) and all relations between them, so that from geometrical axioms it is possible to infer, through logical deductions, all that must be expressed about a given object. The axioms, however, are fixed and the assumption upon which they are based is set once and for all.

But what about pure space? What is the connection between the exactness of geometric relationships and the formless medium that we call space?

My work is expressed by a tension between standing within determinate forms and straining toward the indeterminate.

As a child I felt I could become anything. I was five years old, an age when we are yet not determined and defined by life. Then, in the following years, life determined its limitations removing that bright sense of omnipotence that remained as a remembrance, disconnected from any context of the memory.

STRUTTURE ANARCHICHE are a moment in which the pieces of matter have not yet known their limit.

They really are the object’s childhood and the omnipotence of voidness. 

MICRO-ARTICOLI IN FIBRA | pillole in fibra di logos | #8   –  Manuela Gandini