MICRO-ARTICOLI IN FIBRA #7 | Line, surface, shape, thickness

february 8th 2021

Everything begins with a line,

then a surface lies down,

and a shape, 

last the thickness.

In Plato’s cosmology, the Demiurge, the supreme intelligence, creates the universe (kosmos) moved by love that the reason prevails over chaos. He shapes the first matter, formless (chora), unsubstantial, dimensionless, a pure possibility. A wave crossing the universe with no obedience to the laws of necessity (Ananke): the becoming and the form.   

The Intelligence, or the reason, sees (idein) ideal forms and grasps the primary matter forcing it within pure geometries, according to mathematical laws.  

Twist arises from a sign, a succession of points with no dimension, then a surface lies down on the line, following the line’s movement, according to ideal proportions to which I have to give the extension as the first essence of the body.

And thickness as a third dimension.

This is the form, the pure idea, which Plato believed was in Hyperuranium that informs the sensible matter – silver, gold, titanium – to create the object of the real world, unique and subject to the becoming, corruptible and finite.

Twist is geometry on the move, suspended between potentiality and actuality, between first matter and substantial shape.

MICRO-ARTICOLI IN FIBRA | pillole in fibra di logos | #7  –  Manuela Gandini