MICRO-ARTICOLI IN FIBRA #5 | The consistency of water

october 18th, 2020

In my projects I search for the wisdom of materials and the invisible laws that forms must obey.

CASA is a ring that comes from the pearl as a symbol around which everything is coherently arranged. Water is coherent because it adapts and envelopes, it has no consciousness of form but mechanical intuition.

In this ring, the metal surrounds the pearl as water envelops a stone, in an invisible design of a molecular relationship that has nothing rational about it.

John says in the Apocalypse that the twelve gates of Jerusalem are made of twelve pearls, arranged according to the four cardinal virtues: Prudence, Fortitude, Justice and Temperance.

The pearl is silence before the name, confidentiality, profundity, as fire before the hearth, light before reason.

Without the pearl, the house is reduced to bare walls and empty rooms.

CASA is a ring made of a pearl, around which matter arranges itself with the same consistency as water.

There is no intelligence in it, only harmony.

MICRO-ARTICOLI IN FIBRA | pillole in fibra di logos | #5

Manuela Gandini – consulenza narrativa Luigi Amato Kunst – Philoactiva.org

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