MANUGANDA production is exclusively on-demand.  We do this to support our clients to make the best conscious choice of a jewel.  We prefer embrace a sustainable approach just producing what it is truly desired.  Because “each person is a brand“.

M-ALPHABET | ring and pendant

bronze:    240,00 €
925 sterling silver:   300,00 €
9kt rose gold:  price on request
titanium Gr2: price on request

custom made with up to 2 MORSE Code Alphabet letters of your choice
shiny or mat surface
on demand in your size in 4 weeks
can be also used as pendant

Jewellery pieces with deep private meanings, that represent love, friendship and much more. Designed for all, without barriers of gender or age.

The Morse code alphabet is rather simple, each of the letters A to Z have their own unique “dot-dash” code (see all the alphabet at the link below). You can choose up to 2 alphabet letters that will be converted in MORSE CODE and engraved on the ring to make your special private message.

NOTE: Price may vary according to size.

MORSE Code AlphabetSize Assistance


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