MANUGANDA production is exclusively on-demand.  We do this to support our clients to make the best conscious choice of a jewel.  We prefer embrace a sustainable approach just producing what it is truly desired.  Because “each person is a brand”

ONDINA earrings | orecchini

925 sterling silver | argento 925:    195,00 €
9kt rose gold | oro rosa 9ct:  price on request
brass fasteners | viti e dadi in ottone
oxidized black surfaces | finitura ossidata nera

Wavy curvilinear sections compose essential earrings that hang delicately from the ear and follow the shape of the face in a moving wave that descends towards the neck. The romanticism of the shape coexists with the severity of the colour. The hand is the one who precisely ‘oxidises’ the feeling: a jewel in which sinuosity and stiffness fluctuate in a sincere and balanced dualism.

Sezioni curvilinee ondulate compongono degli orecchini essenziali che pendono delicatamente dall’orecchio e seguono la forma del viso in un’onda in movimento che scende verso il collo. Il romanticismo della forma coesiste con la durezza del colore. La mano è colei che ne “ossida” accuratamente il sentimento: un gioiello in cui sinuosità e rigidezza oscillano in un sincero e bilanciato dualismo.


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